I just have to share this picture with you. I have a tattoo on my arm witch says ”The sun will come out tomorrow” I made this tattoo after I lived the first time in Ghana, at the orphanage. For me it symbolizes hope, to always stay positive, that no matter what things will get better if you keep your hope. This summer when I was at the orphanage again, the children saw it, it was the first time that saw a tattoo and they thought it was so fascinating. I tried to explain the meaning because they just thought it were strange “The sun is always here Madame, we wish for the rain” When I had left the orphanage this summer I got this picture; the children had every morning said “Good morning, the sun will come out tomorrow.” The volunteers, who I haven´t meet, were wondering why they said that and the children told the volunteers about my tattoo. The older children after a week then asked if they could write it on the wall so that they will always remember to keep positive and that they want to have a memory of me. So they did, they wrote “The sun will come out tomorrow” and did their handprints like a sun. When I got this pictures my tears streamed down my cheeks, it feels like a part of me is always there now, in the same way that the children are always with me in my heart.



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