We do the best we can

I’ve had so much to do with jobs and everything else that may come in between in life for the last weeks. I am far from perfect in my work with NABI Sweden but I always try to do my best, I am sure that you all know these periods that sometimes comes, were there are no time for anything, then unfortunately some things has to be prioritized and some not. I hope with all my heart that you can give me the confidence that I will always try to give everything I can and that I will compensate with putting in all my extra time on NABI Sweden as soon as I can. This is always the case when you are working with charity, when you are your own boss, you have to make sure to put the time into it to make it go around. In sometimes you will simply have a little less time to devote to the organization but you have to continue fighting, allow yourself to sometimes put your energy on other things, to later on have the drive to come back with new energy and inspiration to work with.

So, the life at the orphanage carries on, I’m still waiting on more information regarding the new children from Alex. The work of the charity gala is also moving forward, the girls are working at full speed despite the summer and much else in life. Some of the volunteers at the orphanage have promised to make a video with the children that will be shown at the gala, which I really looking forward to seeing!
In the midst of all the stress the desire of the life in Ghana and at the orphanage can really get over me. To sit out on the steps of the orphanage in the afternoon sun with the kids around me sounds like a perfect dream. It’s hard for me to explain my feelings for Ghana as a country and the orphanage itself, for me it’s a place that holds so many mixed memories and feelings; good, bad, horrible, difficult, happy, and unimaginable. Sometimes these emotions increase my motivation to work with NABI Sweden but sometimes they can also make it more difficult, it may feel too emotionally simply to sit and work with something that is so far away but still have such strong feelings attached to them. It is a constant balancing act, you cannot push away the feelings completely, then the motivation disappears but you must not let the emotions take over or get too close, as it will damage the work and simply make it to continue the work with the organization in the long run. But in many ways, I must say that it is a luxury problem that comes when you are working on something you’re passionate about.

With this post, I simply wanted to explain the situation and the reason for the lack of update in recent weeks. It will continue to be quite stressful for a while but I will soon update with some more posts, new photos and new information. In the meantime I hope you will take care of yourselves and I want to take the opportunity to give special thanks all the wonderful monthly donors who continue to donate their monthly donations, you are worth so much, thank you!

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