The small things that gives a lot

Something that is very rewarding when working with the charity for a developing country is that even the small things can give much. For most of us 10Euros is a coffee at a dinner, a very cheap t-shirt or a beer in a bar on a Saturday. But for the children at the orphanage 10 Euros can have a real impact on their lives. 10 Euros can give 5 children new mosquito net that can protect them against malaria mosquitoes when the darkness falls, 10 Euros is a lunch out for one person in Europe but 10Euros in Ghana can provide all 30 children at the orphanage with lunch. I´m not trying to convince you to never take a coffee at a dinner or make you feel guilty, I just want to get you to put 10Euros in perspective and make you really understand how much you can change with only 10 Euros. Perhaps it might be worth taking one less coffee at the dinner a month or one less beer during a night out and instead give the 10 Euros per month to the children at the orphanage, where it can really be the difference between healthy children and sick children, feed children and hungry children.

I am a person who believes in balance in life, I don´t think that we here in Sweden or in other privileged counties, who most of us, living a privileged life in many ways should go around and have a bad conscience because we live where we do. Instead, I believe that you should be aware of the good in your life and be aware of the many good conditions that most of us take for granted, conditions witch is missing in a lot of countries over the world. You should be aware of this and you should be sure to use them, do the best you possibly can out of his life and the opportunities you have. But one should not go around feeling guilty, feeling that why can I eat both the main course and dessert at a restaurant where so many children don´t even get one proper meal a day, just be aware and sometimes stop and be grateful. I think you should use these emotions to help; turn guilt, anxiety or helplessness into drive, inspiration and motivation. For it is entrusted everything so, if you take me as an example, if I should have the energy to push NABI Sweden forward, spend time on the blog, lecturing, organizing events and so on, then I as a person have to feel good. I have to have a life where I can cope study, work and develop in order for me to have the energy and motivation to continue to help others. So if I would go around and have a bad conscience or never treat myself with that nice sweater or dine out, it does not make the lives of children in Ghana better in anyway, but it may eventually make me lose my life motivation and energy, and then I will not have any life to use for actually helping others. I want to get across to everyone really can do something, that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I want you to see that even the small things can make a difference to another person. Now it’s May, a lovely month with new possibilities, make sure to find what you are passionate about, what´s motivates you, make the best of what you have and always fight to make things better. Get involved; sometimes stop to berth and to feel gratitude. Maybe you will feel ready to give 10 Euros to some of the kids who lack the prerequisites that we sometimes forget that most of us get for free in life.

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