Th english version is back!

I have only been updating the Swedish version for a long time and since most of my donors is Swedish it have been prioritize. But now I will make sure to update the English version as much as the Swedish one: if you want to see some of the update from the Swedish site , visit:

This past time have been a success and a struggle. NABI Sweden had a photo vernissage in December which was an amazing event. I have put pictures from the evening below. An evening that brought new monthly donors to NABI Sweden as well as an evening were people got to know about NABI Sweden’s work, at the same time as looking at the beautiful pictures from the talented Adina Asbeck who was the photographer who went to the orphanage to do this exhibition and be a volunteer.

We have managed to send Isaac and Gyan the oldest boys to very good high schools thanks to scholarships. They are doing very well; Isaac is in a town not far from the orphanage while Gyan is in the capital Accra. We have also managed to send Kwaku and Comfort to high school. Since we could not get a scholarship for Kwaku he is going to a high school in Begoro, the village where the orphanage is and still lives at the orphanage, for us to be able to pay for the school. But it is still a good school and he likes to be able to study. For Comfort the situation is special since she has her daughter Ama, she is now 2 years old she wanted to be abel to live with Ama and go to school. Therefore Comfort is also going at a school close to the orphanage so that she can live with Ama. But we are struggling to be abel to pay the school transport as well as money for lunch for Kwaku and Comfort, this is something urgent that we need help with since we otherwise can´t keep them in school witch wound be so terrible. The both of them love school and are really bright, and it is so important for NABI Sweden to think about the future for theses children; both Kwaku and Comfort are orphans who have live for about 8 years at the orphanage.
I will keep updating this English version with some of the older news since the last month to get an update but also keep updating with the new info. I would like all of you to go in on NABI Sweden Instagram account: nabisweden

It is new and all in English and there I will update 1-2 times every week with some pictures and news what’s going on at the orphanage. Please share this account as well as the website and make suee to keep following the work at NABI in Ghana, you are making it possible for us to change the lives of the children who really need it the most!


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