Together We Can Make a Difference

Make a Difference

My wish is that it should be easy and affective for you to donate money to NABI Sweden, I have therefore chosen to work with three different ways of donating money:

One way is to donate a lump sum that will mainly support the basic needs at the orphanage, for example buying food or to support a current project like building new toilets. It´s a lump sum that you choose by yourself and it will be used for a current need at the time. It´s so important that the orphanage gets a stabile ground to stand on and to make this possible we have to support the basic needs in the orphanage. The money that you will donate will go directly to the children at NABI without intermediaries.

You donate easy and safe with Payson just by pressing the button below.

Another way is to use a standard transmission, below are NABI Sweden account details:

NABI Sweden
Clearing number:
Account number:
703 216 198
SE38 6000 0000 0007 0321 6198

The third option is to become a monthly donor, by becoming a monthly donor; you can in a sustainable way help building up the children’s future. Through monthly donors we hope to be able to build a foundation for the orphanage, where we each month, can contribute to a simpler, more stabile and more secure living while we at the same time work on creating education funds for children, this so that the children can get the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming something off the street, by going on to a secondary education, which is not possible without support. If you are interested to be part of building a brighter future for the children as monthly donors, please click the link below.

For monthly donors:
Click here for more information on how to become a monthly donor.

If you would like to have a more detailed explanation on for what the donations will be used for and why your donations are so important to the children, please look at the page: Goals and visions. No matter which way to donate you choose I know, through my experiences, that it will make a significant difference for the children at NABI. There are no intermediaries, no large bureaucratic procedures and no uncertainty where the money goes, thanks to this I can always make sure that all the money always goes directly to the children and that you all will be able to clearly be with me in this procedure and see how the development flows. My goal is to have an as close cooperation between you, me and the orphanage as possible. I´m so grateful for everyone who wants to share this journey with me, together we will be able to change the lives of these children and take the development one step further. Let us together make a difference, everybody deserves a chance!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns.