Let´s go!

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year with all your friends and family. I have thought a lot about my last Christmas and New Year that I celebrated in Ghana, in the orphanage. It was so nice! Christmas eve is one of the very few days that the children get to eat meet, every Christmas one goat is killed and the children, teachers and volunteers share the meat. To eat the goat meet tougher with spicy rice was like a heaven for the taste buds, especially considering that the diet mostly contains of with rice; it was a perfect Christmas dinner. I had, together with some other volunteer, raised money from our friends and family to be able to buy some Christmas presents for the children. We bought some tick blankets for the cold nights, some candy and a portrait on each child that we hanged in the corridor in the orphanage. To get to see 28 sparkling eyes was the best Christmas present I have ever got. It was one of the best Christmases I ever had, I will never forget it.

I have contacted two girls who are current volunteers at the orphanage and I hope that they both can help me with good updates from the children and the orphanage. Hopefully we can get to know how the children got to spend this Christmas. There are in general a lot of things going on regarding NABI Sweden right now and I will as soon as possible update you regarding the progress. I have just created a Facebook page for NABI Sweden, but at the moment it´s unfortunately only in Swedish, but you can still like the page if you want to help spreading NABI Sweden. We all need to work tougher in all kinds of ways to create a change!

I´m now after some Christmas vacation ready to with 110% get NABI Sweden going and I hope that you are with me?
Let´s go!

Christmas eve

Christmas dinner

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