Together We Can Make a Difference

Goals and visions

My goal, my dream and my vision is to give the children at the orphanage NABI a safe future.

We all have been children; we all have grown up, exactly like the children at NABI have to do. But for most of them the most basic step stones in life are missing, something that we usually take for granted in a child’s upbringing. They have no parents; the majority has lost their siblings and a lot of them lost their whole family and relatives. In a country like Ghana where everything is built around family and relatives it puts the children in the orphanage in a situation of uncertainty, insecurity and loneliness. But thanks to NABI they have the chance to get a new family, a new home and some security in their lives.

Unfortunately it´s not enough to put a roof over their head. I have chosen to divide the needs of the orphanage in two different categories so that you can get an understanding and be able to get into their needs in a simple and clear way; basic needs and help for the future, all according to my own experiences in Ghana. To improve the basic needs could for example be; try to give the children a more varied food, since all of them suffer from a deficit of vitamins, minerals and protein, with leads to that they are often sick. Also to improve the children’s sanitary situation like building new toilets, that is effective both technically, environmentally, and can reduce the risk for the children to be infected with bacteria. As well as building some individual showers / washrooms that can give the children approaching their teens some privacy. Or to improve access to clean water.

The second need for NABI is help for the future. Some of the children are now approaching the age when they should continue to high school. This is a big problem because in Ghana you have to pay to go to high school and the orphanage doesn’t have the money to pay the education of the children. As long as the children are in the primary schools there is no problem because there is a school together with the orphanage were the children can go in up to ninth grade. But after that no one really knows what´s happening. I think you all know how confusing this period in life can be, no matter where you live in the world, it´s always a big change to grow up and become a teenager. Then imagine not having any idea what so ever about your future; where am I going to live? What can I do? Will I be able to go to school? Who is going to help me in life? Who is going to be my family?

The future for the children if they can´t continue to high school is a future of selling tings on the streets or unemployment. But with a high school education their chances to get a stabile and independent life outside the streets increases a lot, therefore my goal is to start education founds. In Ghana you pay one fee for the high school which includes the education, a place to live around the school and food. So by supporting the education you will be able to solve more than one problem like where the child should live. I have lived with these children for six mouths so I know how motivated they are to learn and have listened when they were talking about all their dreams; about being a doctor, a teacher, a pilot, politician or own their own store. I have never met children that work as hard as these children, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep they have hard physical work together with schoolwork. They do everything with a smile on their lips and that´s the reason why they all deserve a bright future, full of opportunities. By supporting the education you have the chance to give the children a supporting, comforting hand that says that everything is going to be okay. A possibility to give them the chance they deserve!
I know that there is still a lot to do to increase the basic needs in the orphanage but I really think it´s important that we also try to think one step further, that we don´t stop at the basic needs. That we remember that these children in the orphanage are just like our children at home, persons who are going to grow-up and in some way create their own independent life. These children have a big uphill in their lives because they don´t have a family who is supporting them and therefore it´s even more important that we can help giving them that push for that uphill which is needed. We cannot close our eyes for the future and tell ourselves that everything will be okay as long as they have water and a roof over their head. We would not think like that if it would have been our own children, so why should we put the standard so much lower now?

My goal, my dream and my vision is to be able to satisfy both of these needs. To be able to support the development of the basic needs, so that they can have the chance to become as good as they can possibly be, and at the same time start working towards a safe and bright future for the children. To increase the opportunity for poor orphans to pursue their dreams will have an impact on the whole future of Ghana; after food, family and shelter comes education! I hope that you are with me and that we together can take one step further!