From nothing to a role model

I cannot describe the joy of being able to help the children who are most vulnerable in society. It is a amazing feeling when you see a child get up and fight, use his motivation to get as far as he can. When we give children conditions to develop and use their talents so they can come to any length.

Gyan is now 17 years he came to the orphanage when he was 9 years old. Both Gynas parents are dead, that is why he came to NABI. Gyan is a very smart boy who always loved to go to school; he has been sitting up late in the evenings at the orphanage and studied ever since he came to NABI. He has always had the highest grades, and likes to learn as much as he can. He was a 9-year-old boy without parents and without any security in life, who 8 years ago came to NABI, now Gyan is almost an adult; he has thanks to the sponsring from NABI been able to go to high school. Thanks to Gyans high grades, he managed to get into the best school in Ghana, where the current president has studied. Last week Gyan go to know that he thanks to NABI will be able to continue to university and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

I want this post to show how incredibly big difference your support for NABI can do. It changes lives, literally. From a little boy without anything to a young adult with a bright future. A guy who will benefit Ghana, he is a role model for other children at the orphanage, and he will contribute to the country’s development in the big picture. NABI works in a long perspective and want to give more children a future. Every mounth we are fighting to be able to have the most basic things like food and at the same time we are doing everything we can to try to find ways to support the children in the future. We need more help to be able to give more children this chance! Join in and make a difference, you changes lives!

Below you see pictures from when Gyan was small at the orphanage and then pictures from just some days ago when Gyan was in the capital of Ghana: Accra with Alex who runs the orphanage.




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