Together We Can Make a Difference

Facts about NABI

Nation Builders International, NABI, is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that was founded in Ghana by Alex Awah-Tei Dankwa in July 2007. The heart of the organization is the NABI Orphanage Home and School in Begoro, Eastern Region / Ghana that opened in 2008. There are now 28 children living in the orphanage. The children have different reasons way they are living at the orphanage, some have no parents, some of them have lost their whole family, and others are suffering from bad living conditions, containing violence, drugs, abuse, mental or physical disabilities. The children are in-between four and seventeen years old, almost one half are girls, one half are boys. Together with the orphanage is a school, from nursery up to ninth grade. The children from the orphanage of course go to this school, but also children from all over the village; there are approximately 120 children visiting the school right now.

Alex comes from a, with Ghanaian measurement, wealthy family. He got a very good education where he developed a passion for charity and decided therefore to start NABI. Alex studies at the University of Koforidua, a city two hours away from the village Begoro were the orphanage and school are located, but Alex still stays at the orphanage several days every week. Alex wife Sarah lives permanently in the orphanage with their daughter Marion, she is dealing with everything in orphanage and school while Alex is in Koforidua. Besides Sarah, there are also two teachers living in the orphanage, who are helping her taking care of the children and Madame Erica who is the cooker. Otherwise it´s the volunteers making the orphanage work. Every year volunteers from different countries and different organizations come to help in the orphanage and school. The volunteers have very varied work; they do everything from everyday duties like cleaning, washing, fetching water and helping with homework, to teach in the school and start different projects.

NABI has one support organization in Switzerland which was started by a man who helped Alex to found NABI. Every month NABI Switzerland gives money to NABI Ghana so that they can effort everything from food to medicine and salaries to the teachers. NABI Switzerland are the main reason that the orphanage can survive, tougher with a few occasional donations from private persons and the support from Alex family is the only thing that let the orphanage and school go around every day Money has always been, and is still a big problem for NABI, Alex constantly have to try to find new ways and possibilities to get support and new solutions for the problems that occur when the resources are very limited. NABI has really made a lot of progress since the orphanage and school started in 2008 but there are still a lot of things that have to be improved, therefore they need a lot more support to be able to move forward and set a stable, secure ground to stand on. A ground that takes away this nagging fear; from where can we get support next month, will it be enough? The children are increasing and the need for a new home for children is that big that the orphanage has a hard time helping all the children who are in need of it. The resources are too small to measure up with the demand. Therefore I hope that through NABI Sweden we can make a difference together and that we can have the chance to give more children in need a new and safe place where they can grow up safely, developing themselves and feel loved and accepted.