Charity show for NABI Sweden!

I have great news to tell you all, there will be a charity gala for NABI Sweden, called ”One for all, all for one” Unfortunately it will be in Sweden, but it´s such great news for NABI Sweden. It´s tree girls, who grew up in the same neighborhood as me, who contacted me some weeks ago and told me about their plans for a charity show for NABI Sweden. These tree girl has a dance group together and it was through the dance that they got the idea about the charity show. All tree girl, always wanted to do something for charity, but they never had the time or possibility to go and do voluntary work, so therefore they thought about what they could do form Sweden. They decided to use something that they are good at and have a big passion for, the dance, and combine it with a good cause. I really think these girls are a great example on that everybody can do something, you don´t have to travel to a other country, start your own organization or every week be in an compound, but you can always do something in your own way, with the experiences, knowledge and interests that you have.

The charity show will take place in a great house in the centre of Gothenburg in September, the date will come up here on the blog smoothly and. I´, so excited! The girl have really put a lot of effort in to this, they have contacted singers, companies, stores, dancers, photographers, children groups and artiest, I really think it can become a big show, which feels so exciting!

I look forward to be working with a lot of new people, who all have a lot to give to make this evening an unforgettable event. Our hope and vision is to make an impact on the people, to make them understand that we are all there together to make a change, to send the message that everybody can do something. I hope that this charity show can bring people together and that we will be able to raise some more founds to create a better everyday-life for the children at the orphanage, with the chance to a brighter, more secure future. Hopefully we will be able to create a wonderful evening with a lot of great acts. I will of curse update the website on what’s going on, so that you can fallow the work and get to know all news about the event.

I feel so motivated to create an evening that can help motivate others, help the children and give a great memory.

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