Insight in the everyday life on NABI; the evening

Now it´s time for insight number two in the everyday life on NABI in Ghana. This time it´s nothing less than my favorite time at the orphanage, the evening. The sun sets early in Ghana and the lack of electricity means that it´s pitch black already at six o’clock. At first I thought it was […]

The front-page of a Swedish newspaper!

I was so happy yesterday when I saw me tighter with the children from NABI on the front-page of a Swedish newspaper named Torslanda Tidningen. I was at the newspaper’s editorial office last week and did an interview about my experiences as a volunteer in Ghana and about my work with starting NABI Sweden. It […]

Become a monthly donor

Now it’s easy and convenient to become a monthly donor for NABI Sweden which feels great! In a country like Ghana, even the smallest contributions make a big difference and therefore it is enough to give some Euros each month to make a difference for the children of NABI. If you think about it, will […]

On the first page of PeaceWork Sweden

Yesterday, I was incredibly happy when I saw that PeaceWorks Sweden, which is the organization that I was doing my volunteer work in Ghana through, wrote about NABI Sweden on the first page on their website. Peace Works Sweden is a great organization that works in different ways with volunteering and peace engagement. They have […]

An insight in the everyday life

I want you to get a better insight into the everyday life at the orphanage NABI, so therefore I will update with some different parts of a typical day now and then. I hope you will get a better understanding for the life in Ghana and the lives of the children at NABI and hopefully […]

A logo!

As you can see NABI Sweden now has its own logo. Nina Barksenius is the one who have kindly donated her help and created this amazing logo for us. Nina captured Ghana’s colures; red, green and yellow, in form of a human body, which fits perfectly as a symbol for NABI Sweden because of the […]

Let´s go!

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year with all your friends and family. I have thought a lot about my last Christmas and New Year that I celebrated in Ghana, in the orphanage. It was so nice! Christmas eve is one of the very few days that the […]

It´s ready!

It`s ready! Finally the English version of the website NABI Sweden is ready, I have really longed for this moment! Some weeks ago I finished the website for NABI Sweden in Swedish and since then I have worked on finishing the English version so that all of you around the world can be with me […]