From nothing to a role model

I cannot describe the joy of being able to help the children who are most vulnerable in society. It is a amazing feeling when you see a child get up and fight, use his motivation to get as far as he can. When we give children conditions to develop and use their talents so they […]

Thank you for giving us a chance to handle the rainy period

Many thanks to you who in recent weeks have made it possible for NABI Sweden to help the children cope with the harsh rainy season. The donations were sent down to Ghana in addition to the regular monthly transfer to Alex who runs the orphanage, Alex could thabks to you buy the things that can […]

A hard rainy season

The rainy season in Ghana is in full here. Begoro is located in the mountains surrounded by a lot of jungle, which makes it rains a lot at the orphanage during the rainy season. The main problems during the rainy season tends to be that the roads disappears when the sand is simply washed away […]

Th english version is back!

I have only been updating the Swedish version for a long time and since most of my donors is Swedish it have been prioritize. But now I will make sure to update the English version as much as the Swedish one: if you want to see some of the update from the Swedish site , […]

NABI Swedens first volunteer

I have chosen to put my focus on the Swedish webpage for NABI Sweden right now because I simple don´t have the time right now and had to priorities. Because most of me funders are swish I felt that I have to make to choice to prioritize the Swedish one. I hope that you are […]

We do the best we can

I’ve had so much to do with jobs and everything else that may come in between in life for the last weeks. I am far from perfect in my work with NABI Sweden but I always try to do my best, I am sure that you all know these periods that sometimes comes, were there […]

The small things that gives a lot

Something that is very rewarding when working with the charity for a developing country is that even the small things can give much. For most of us 10Euros is a coffee at a dinner, a very cheap t-shirt or a beer in a bar on a Saturday. But for the children at the orphanage 10 […]

Charity show for NABI Sweden!

I have great news to tell you all, there will be a charity gala for NABI Sweden, called ”One for all, all for one” Unfortunately it will be in Sweden, but it´s such great news for NABI Sweden. It´s tree girls, who grew up in the same neighborhood as me, who contacted me some weeks […]

A big thanks to the monthly doners

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who has become monthly donor. It´s so great to see how NABI Sweden moves forward and developed with all of your help. Just the fact that you choose  too every moth give money to NABI Sweden feels honorable for me, I feel  honored for your […]

You take what you have

I found this wonderful movie on Kwami Gyan on my hard drive yesterday. I so clearly remember when Kwami Gyan built this drum kit, where he collected empty cans of tomato sauce, was looking sticks and I made a full drum kit itself, with both cymbals and bass drum, I’m still impressed! To take what […]