Become a monthly donor

Now it’s easy and convenient to become a monthly donor for NABI Sweden which feels great! In a country like Ghana, even the smallest contributions make a big difference and therefore it is enough to give some Euros each month to make a difference for the children of NABI. If you think about it, will you miss these few Euros in the month? Most of you can probably honestly answer no to that question, it´s about skipping a cup of coffee at a cafe or take one less beer in the bar every month, we are not talking about any big sacrifice here. So if there is a chance that you will not miss that few Euros in the mount, I think you should go to the page:Make a differnce and become a monthly donor to the children at the orphanage. I can promise you that the children will notice a big difference to get these few Euros every moth! Think about it, join and make a difference!


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