A hard rainy season

The rainy season in Ghana is in full here. Begoro is located in the mountains surrounded by a lot of jungle, which makes it rains a lot at the orphanage during the rainy season. The main problems during the rainy season tends to be that the roads disappears when the sand is simply washed away due to the heavy rain and it gets much flooding in the slums and in the lower divide parts in the south of the country. At the orphanage, the biggest problem the damp and cold during the nights. The days are still warm but the nights get very cold and very humid. As the building is a concrete building with no insulation and no window panes in the windows so it becomes very cold inside the orphanage. This leads to children sleep poorly, and many of them are sick. Usually, all of the children gets sick in different ways in batches during the rainy season; a lot of ordinary colds, as well as tonsillitis and ear infections as well as malaria because of the fact that the immune system already weakened.

This is now a big problem, the children sleep in their beds on a mattress but they do not have any covers or blankets, and no thick clothes to sleep in. We have a majority of the children sick right now and moreover the cook and the two women who are employed to take care of the children are now sick. This means that there will be major hospital costs and high costs of medicine. We have received fantastic help of many of you, but we need more help to ensure that pay for health care, many of the children are young, around 5 years and are already weak due to many rounds of malaria before and that they have a general vitamin deficiency when diet is one-sided. The goal is to be able to pay for medical care and to purchase proper blankets and sheets to all the children as well as some thicker sweaters for the children to sleep in. In the regular budget there is no room for this, so we are asking you for help. Help us to overcome this tough period at the orphanage.

Make your donation to:
NABI Sweden
Clearing number: 6694
Account number 911275258

Or Swisha to the number:






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