On the first page of PeaceWork Sweden

Yesterday, I was incredibly happy when I saw that PeaceWorks Sweden, which is the organization that I was doing my volunteer work in Ghana through, wrote about NABI Sweden on the first page on their website. Peace Works Sweden is a great organization that works in different ways with volunteering and peace engagement. They have many different kinds of volunteer exchanges, they work both in Sweden and abroad, they have trainings, educations and inspiration evenings. It´s an inspiring organization with inspiring people, so I feel greatly honored to have NABI Sweden on their first page.
You can here check out the website, it´s mainly in Swedish but it´s possible to get some info in English if you press the “English button” up in the right corner. The text about NABI Sweden is under the title “ Nystartad stödorganisation för barnhem i Ghana”

peaceworks logga

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