Insight in the everyday life on NABI; the evening

Now it´s time for insight number two in the everyday life on NABI in Ghana. This time it´s nothing less than my favorite time at the orphanage, the evening. The sun sets early in Ghana and the lack of electricity means that it´s pitch black already at six o’clock. At first I thought it was […]

The front-page of a Swedish newspaper!

I was so happy yesterday when I saw me tighter with the children from NABI on the front-page of a Swedish newspaper named Torslanda Tidningen. I was at the newspaper’s editorial office last week and did an interview about my experiences as a volunteer in Ghana and about my work with starting NABI Sweden. It […]

Become a monthly donor

Now it’s easy and convenient to become a monthly donor for NABI Sweden which feels great! In a country like Ghana, even the smallest contributions make a big difference and therefore it is enough to give some Euros each month to make a difference for the children of NABI. If you think about it, will […]